For most of her life, Ruthy has had a camera in her hand, looking for the perfect image.

Trained at Columbia College as a cinematographer, she has worked in documentary films, television, and commercial photography.

Now she has focused exclusively on exquisite weddings, cutting-edge seniors, and fine signature portraits. 

Ruthy has a way of bringing out the best in her subjects. She makes being in front of the camera a fun-filled, enjoyable experience. She can catch those impromptu moments, filled with emotion, spontaneity and sincere joy. She is passionate about her photography, and it shows in the high quality of her art. 

She has been mentored by nationally acclaimed master of photography, Dick Robertson. She has also studied under world-renowned masters such as Frank Criccio, Tim Kelly, and Hanson Fong.

Now she leads her own photography enterprise named after her daughters Kathryn and Kelly.  Ruthy is committed to uncompromising quality as the signature of her photography. To produce the highest quality work is a promise that she makes first to herself and then to you.